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Whether you’re launching a startup, working hard to carve the career of your dreams, or developing a global organization, ActionCOACH RGV can support your endeavors through our full suite of exceptional programs, tools, and resources.

In fact, our newest program, Founder's U, was developed specifically with small businesses and small business owners in mind. This specialized ActionCOACH RGV program is designed primarily for organizations doing less than $250,000 a year in revenue.

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How Can Founder's U Help Me?

When you choose Founder's U, you'll benefit from:

  • Educational and coaching sessions.
  • Personalized attention to help you develop a strong business plan.
  • Developing skills to help you grow your business' profitability and revenue
  • Learning methods and techniques to improve team development.
  • Building an efficient business that generates the time, money, and freedom you desire.

This brand new coaching program is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to prepare for 2021 and grow your business beyond the $250K mark as quickly as possible.

Spots are limited so make sure to register soon!

How Can Founder's U Help Me?

The ActionCOACH Southwest Houston Founder's U program consists of a number of modules designed to strengthen company culture, enhance company focus on customers, improve customer service standards and expectations, and strategies for creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Components of Founder's U may include:

Vision and mission, Culture and Goals

These sessions focus on defining your vision and company goals. We also focus on how you can adapt your company culture to align with business goals, as well as standards and expectations of team members and patrons. By focusing on these foundational steps, you’ll begin to see meaningful movement towards better success.

Coaching and Homework

Coaching and homework sessions help to reinforce the learning process, while also holding you accountable. Homework consists of required readings and activities.

Smart Goal

This module focuses on goal setting, daily task analysis, managing your time, and developing techniques to get the most out of yourself and your team. With today’s ever-changing workplace, extra attention will be paid to virtual communication.

Marketing Campaigns and Growing Profitability

Increasing cash flowing is the primary focus of this section. Participants will be introduced to techniques and methods by which to improve cash flow, as well as the means by which to build a powerful marketing system for your company.

Customer Service

These sessions focus on acquiring new customers, growing your customer base by leveraging the Ladder of Loyalty, and building Raving Fans who will act as the perfect advocates for your business.

Building Better Teams

Your employees can make or break your business, that’s why building an engaged, motivated, and cohesive team is so vital to your success. In these sessions, you’ll learn how to utilize and promote positive behaviors that can turn your company into a well-oiled machine.

Organizational Design and Key Performance Indicators

In order to develop a business that can function efficiently and independently, you need to have systems and processes in place that are clearly defined and followed. This module will introduce to you key understandings of how to create these systems that will not only make you successful in the near future, but also hold your team accountable through KPI dashboards


A critical skill for any business owner, we will cover a number of “money mastery” topics such as accounts receivable, inventory accounts payable, and tools for financial planning.


These sessions dive into major components of marketing - including digital marketing - and what you need to focus on in order to drive up profits while keeping expenses at a minimum.


A great leader is at the core of any business, that’s why developing the proper leadership skills are essential to your company’s success. In this module, we take a deeper look into the qualities that make an exceptional leader, strategies to become one, and how you can lead your team to victory.

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Take action and develop the skills, confidence, systems, and leadership traits you need with Founder's U.

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