As a business coach encountering many people from different walks of life, I’ve found that most business owners I meet have some very interesting things in common.  When asked, “what’s most important to you?  What do you really want out of business?  And out of life…?”  The answers always have a similar thread.  What would you say to those questions? While what’s personally important to us is individual to us and us alone, what’s common here is a desire to enrich our lives through business; to have time for self and family, freedom and flexibility, material abundance, travel, challenge and personal achievement, the opportunity to make a difference.  All of this and more…

So, where do you start?  Where have you started?  You see, business is a vehicle unlike any other.  It offers amazing possibilities along with unique challenges. All too often I see people getting caught up on the ‘treadmill’ of business. What makes a difference here is what I call the ‘nuts and bolts’ of business.  Starting with a solid plan and direction; adding in the strategies to make a difference; knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it with a healthy dose of motivation and drive.

Along with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what makes a business work is a most important factor, often missed in the pre-occupation of running a business. It’s what I call the ‘nuts and bolts’ of life.  Let me explain…

As with any venture in business and life, it is as important to focus on the internal as the external.  There’s a saying that goes “A parent that looks after themselves, gives the very best gift to their child.” The same is true in business. How can we create a great result, whatever the game we’re playing, if we’re too tired, too unwell, too unfit, too unhealthy, too unhappy to do what it takes to make a difference and enjoy the journey?  While it’s true, sometimes it takes a time and effort, energy and focus on a certain area of life – like our business – to get a result.  I’m sure Tiger Woods has dedicated a large part of his life to his sport, first though we must have a healthy respect for ourselves.  In being optimally fit physically and mentally and balanced in our lives, we give ourselves the very best chance of achieving optimal results.

Ok, so it’s easy to say… how do I do it?

Great question.  First, take a step back and assess.


Do I have the time, make the time for the things that are important to me? Do I take time out to learn & develop myself, my abilities and my knowledge? Am I in control of my time?  Am I doing what I’m most passionate about right now? If not, why?


Am I at a peak level of fitness and health?  Do I have the energy to get thru the day, or do I constantly feel tired and unhealthy?  What’s my diet like? Does the outside of me  accurately reflect the inside (ok, so it might not be nice but it’s important to get honest here)?  How would I rate my stress level?


It’s been said that ‘Life is a Mirror’ of ourselves and what we feed our mind.  What’s in the mirror?  What do I feed my mind most often? What do I think and feel most regularly? Does it help me go forward or hold me back?


Where do my family, partner, kids and friends fit into my life?  Who’s most important to me and is this reflected in my life at the moment?  What would I change? What would I do differently?  Who do I need to spend more time with?  Less time with? How do I rate the quality of my business relationship?  Clients? Colleagues?  Remember, life is a mirror…

Every minute of every day we make choices.  Maybe it’s time for some new ones?  Identify the areas that need focus, identify exactly what you need to do to make a difference – set new goals to achieve new results. So you need more time to learn so you can be more confident in business?  Great!  When?  So you need to improve your fitness and health?  Great! How?  Ask yourself, what would it take for me to be firing on all cylinders? What am I most passionate about?  How can I get rid of the other ‘stuff’?  Then make a plan to do it and take action.  Know it, plan it, do it.  Set the example in life as well as business and watch the results come.

After all business is about Life not visa versa.  No one gets to age 65 and wishes they worked more! Get a new lease on life to have a business that works.  A business that gives you time, freedom, flexibility, choice, and challenge is possible.  Go forward and have fun!

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