By now, you should have established your goals for the New Year. These probably include many, if not all of these areas:

  • Business Goals & Targets
  • Finance and Wealth
  • Personal Time
  • Personal Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Community and Charity Efforts

At ActionCOACH we believe that since being in business should give you more life, we focus very aggressively on setting business goals, which will provide the resources and freedom to pursue the rest of your goals, contributing to a rich life.

When setting goals with clients, we always start by identifying YOUR VISION - where do you want your life and business to be. We work in reverse, first addressing the long-term target. We establish goals in five-year, three-year, and then one-year increments. We then create a series of 90-day objectives to continuously move you toward your vision.

Goals are only effective if you put procedures in place to guarantee success.

These tips will help keep you on track:

  • Make a specific commitment to reach your goal, including a commitment to the necessary actions.
  • Incorporate daily and long-term accountability. Record the progress toward your goals at the end of each day and list the six most important things to perform the next day. Rely on your coach for ongoing goal review and accountability. Operate from a solid underpinning of honesty, character, integrity, trust, love, and loyalty. These principles will provide you with the best opportunity to reach your highest goals.
  • Expect to modify as needed. You are not in control of all the conditions required to reach some goals. Recognize that as interest rates, weather, inflation, etc. vary, you may need to adjust the direction you take to arrive at a goal.
  • Celebrate your successes! Record the accomplishments you achieve in a designated planner or journal. With each goal you complete, you will gain greater confidence and motivation for the next hurdle.
  • Remember, when you reach your goals, you have done much more than complete a checklist. You have become the successful winner you were meant to be!


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