If you are a small to medium size business wanting to differentiate your company from your competitors, here are a few tips to consider:

Know the Enemy
You must know the competition. Collect and compare their marketing documents, including advertisements, web pages, white papers, and sales brochures.  Identify their main marketing messages and note similarities and overlap between vendors.  Analyze product presentations and descriptions.  From the compiled data, evaluate the differences and similarities to your value proposition. Your marketing message should emphasize the differences but confirm the similarities.

Be the Customer
View the different marketing pitches from the prospect’s perspective.  What would s/he like about the competition’s marketing? And about your company’s pitch?  The optimal point of differentiation will emphasize the capability you offer that the prospect values the most.

Communicate the message consistently
To achieve maximum effect, the new marketing message must be communicated consistently across all media and sales support materials.  Consider consumer testing of the new message to a small audience to confirm its positive effect. If it is successful, expand it into all media.

Depending on the company’s marketing budget and communications strategy, it may take up to six months or more for your new message to gain traction.

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